How To Grow Hair Faster and Longer?

strong hair

As we all know, a healthy diet will ensure that your hair gets all the sustenance that needs to grow strong and long and to keep it shiny and silky smooth. Everyone spends so much money on buying so many hair care products while overlooking their diet. The fact is …

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How to keep eyes healthy and beautiful

Eye Health: Many of us don’t think about the value of eyes until our sight is permanently impaired. So it’s not too late to start taking care of your vision. Here I suggest few ways to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful. Take nutritious foods: Select foods rich in proteins, …

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How to reduce Hairfall?

How to reduce hairfall, how to stop hairfall, hairfall causes

What causes Hair fall? Hair fall is usually caused by many reasons like hormonal imbalance which may occur due to pregnancy, menopause and hormonal disturbances. Hair fall is also caused by heredity. Some times it can also be due to medications, treatments or due to intake of any kind of …

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