10 Preventive tips to overcome insomia and Sleep Better


Tips for Insomnia: Insomnia is an exponentially increasing and prevalent problem for today’s generation. Changing lifestyles and strenuous working habits are the main cause for this sudden increase in the number of sleep problems. Your daily intake, medical conditions, and financial woes as well can be latent reasons for insomnia. By insomnia, we mean an inability to sleep or acquire sufficient sound sleep. As per scientific studies, women are more prone to insomnia as compared to men. Here are some steps that can be followed to bid adieu to those pesky sleepless nights:Tips for Insomnia | Insomnia tips for fall asleep | natural ways to beat insomnia | how to overcome insomnia


  1. Relax prior to sleep: It’s necessary to relax your body before going to bed. If you constantly keep on thinking about something or the other in bed, it will disturb your sleep. So before going to bed, try taking a bath or even better, take proper deep breaths. You can also go for concentrating on your body while lying down.
  2. Change your sleep area: The surrounding plays an important role during sleep. For a proper sleep, the surrounding should be calm and peaceful. Your bed should be comfortable for which, contrary to popular belief, doctors advise using a hard bed because it keeps your posture right during sleep. Remove all noise-making devices before you begin your sleep and if possible try sleeping in the dark without any and all sources of light, even faint ones.
  3. What to eat:Do not consume a heavy meal before sleep. Go for light snacks instead. Do not consume anything that stimulates and energizes your body before sleep. Avoid consuming coffee, tea, nicotine, and sugar a few hours before bedtime.
  4. Daily exercise: Regular exercise is compulsory to keep your body fit and healthy. A 20 to a 30-minute rigorous exercise regime is necessary for the body. One can go for jogging, aerobics, yoga and other such activities but not exactly before bedtime.
  5. Say “No!” to sleeping during the day: Even if you face problems in sleeping at night, avoid sleeping during the day at all costs. If you start to feel too dizzy, then do not sleep for more than 30 minutes.
  6. Be consistent: Make it a habit to sleep and wake up daily and at the same time. It might be a bit difficult to do so initially, but once it becomes a habit you’ll be able to sleep and wake up without any problems.
  7. Sleep only when you feel sleepy: Go to bed only when you are sleepy. If you constantly keep on pondering or wondering while you lie down, it will just divert your mind and thus prevent you from becoming drowsy, so sleep only when you feel sleepy.
  8. Write your thoughts down: Make it a habit to write down all your activity for that day in your personal diary. This will make you feel relaxed and will give you a proper sleep.
  9. Say “No!” to Television and other devices: The blue light emitted from TVs, computers, mobile phones and so, wake up your brain thus end up in making you sleepless. Try avoiding their use a good 30 minutes before your sleep.
  10. Comfy clothes: It has been proven that if you sleep naked then you are more likely to be healthy. So say “No!” to clothes or wear loose and comfortable clothes.

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