Relationship Advices Makes You Healthy Being! Know Why?


Relationship Advices Makes You Healthy Being! Know Why?

Good relationship:

If we connect closely to the people we love, the happier we feel and the more satisfaction we will have in our lives. Most people define moments of connection with their loved ones as their most important life experiences.
A good relationship means different things to different types of people. And there are different kinds of relationships. The couple relationship is the most important one in our world. It is often called the main relationship in people’s lives. It is the basis of a family and this is the place where most of us learn about love, negotiation, how to change and how to compromise on several things.

These relationships not only include family and personal friends but also the wide groups and communities we attached to it. Forming a sense of our own with other around a mission or identity is a major contributor to personal meaning in life. Such people can lift us when we are down and give us the capacity to fight with whatever challenges come our way.

However, creating and maintaining personal relationships and belonging to positive people is not straightforward. We might start out with a loving relationship with a partner but then neglect and stressful life events take their toll leading to their relationship conflict and breakdown.


Give time for your relationship:

The two major challenges in maintaining good personal relationships are neglect (not giving ample time for your life partner) and not dealing with conflicts(where letting problems fester in their relationship until they are out of their control). Being active in your personal relationships and attending to these type of problems and solving them is the key to keep them happy and personally satisfying.

Just ensure to spend regular time with your life partner, children, family and friends. Give them some space to interact and sort out different type of problems you are facing in your current life.

In your busy lives a major challenge is not being present with our loved ones. When you are checking E-mail when they are talking or being caught up worries that you are not there for them creates havoc between relationships.
For example if you go into a discussion with your partner and if you have loads of insecurities weighing you down, you will always be nervous and looking for the right thing to say to your partner. In fact, it may be very difficult for you to open up to him/her. Spend some time each day working on terms like your appearance and lifestyle choices and start making some small positive changes to personal life. It will improve the way you interact with partner..
Relationships are nurtured by some frequent displays of appreciation between partners. Whether these are simple kind words to an important colleague or a gift to an important friend or affection with your partner, everyone needs to be appreciated and nurtured in personal relationships.

Listening to the Advice:

Listening is most important thing in your personal relationship. Taking time to understand the other person’s point is important as the first step to managing conflict between relationships.
Relationships always suffer when one person does not communicate about their needs to other person. If they address their important issues in aggressive or in explosive way, it affects their personal relationships. Learning to talk is the second most important thing in relationships.
Taking responsibility and apologizing to someone when you hurt them and moving on and forgiving are key to maintaining relationships.
If you feel lonely without any supportive connections in your life, make a decision to get there and meet people.

Link in with family members and make contact with old friends and get involved in new communities that match your passions and interests as well as your desires.

Spend less time on Electrical gadgets:

We know that everyone have mobile phones in their hands. In some situations these mobile phones are life savers in an emergency. But these mobiles can be a complete distraction to people where they are busy in operating them rather than looking into their problems.

We need to remember one thing. People will forget what you said or what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel special for certain things.

If you read and understand your partner problems it will build connection between both of them. It is nothing but the state of relating to another person’s feelings and needs without blaming. Try to fix the situation.
Every relationship will teach us something, and by building positive relationships with our partners, we will be happier and feel more supported, and connected.

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