10 Preventive tips to overcome insomia and Sleep Better

Tips for Insomnia: Insomnia is an exponentially increasing and prevalent problem for today’s generation. Changing lifestyles and strenuous working habits are the main cause for this sudden increase in the number of sleep problems. Your daily intake, medical conditions, and financial woes as well can be latent reasons for insomnia. …

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9 Excellent Benefits of Chocolate over Health

Benefits of Chocolate – Chocolates have both positive and negative effects yet people always exaggerate, “Say NO! to Chocolate”. Dark chocolate contains multitudinous nutritional values and has a positive impact on the body. Chocolates are composed of tropical Theobroma cacao seeds which were used by the Olmec civilization in the prehistoric …

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10 Ways to put on weight in your children

Ways to put on weight

At a tender growing age, it is essential to ensure how to put on weight for your children. Many kids today do not eat a proper diet due to which they either end up being obese or underweight. To be underweight is also concerning because it is a sign of …

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