Mouth Ulcers: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Usually, mouth ulcers are the painful sores that appear in the mouth. Although they are uncomfortable, they are usually harmless and most of them clear up by themselves within a week or two. Generally, mouth ulcers are the usual round or oval sores that commonly appear inside the mouth on the:

  • cheeks
  • tongue
  • lips

They may be in white, red, yellow or gray in color and swollen.

It is very much possible to have more than one mouth ulcer at a time and there is a chance that they may spread or grow.
Mouth ulcers should not be confused with cold sores, which generally are those small blisters that start to develop on the lips or around the mouth. The cold sores begin with a tingling, itching or sometimes burning sensation occurs around your mouth.

Usually, Mouth ulcers don’t need to be treated, because they tend to clear up by themselves within a week or two.

by applying any protective paste which is recommended by your pharmacist
by using a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth
by using a toothpaste that doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate, as this may be irritating to your mouth ulcer
you may avoid any hard, spicy, salty, acidic or hot food and drinks until the ulcer completely heals
You may use a straw to drink cool drinks
The exact cause of mouth ulcers is not known yet, and it varies from each person to person. There are the most common causes, and also there are several factors that may aggravate the mouth ulcers, including the following:

By quitting smoking

Intake of citrus fruits and other foods that are high in acidity or spice
By biting the tongue or in the inside of the cheek
By using braces, poor-fitting dentures, and some other apparatus that may rub against the mouth and gums
In case of a deficient filling
In case of any stress or anxiety
Some hormonal changes during pregnancy and puberty or menopause
Using any medications including beta-blockers and some pain killers
Also in cases of any genetic factors
Some people may also develop ulcers as a result of any different medical condition or also any nutritional deficiency.


While some treatments will majorly require the removal of the source of mouth ulcer, such as the treatment of those caused by this disease.
In case of most of the mouth, ulcers treatment is usually easy and effective.
By using any pain relief creams or any ointments such as Orajel or Anbesol.
Rinse your mouth with saltwater and baking soda together.
By cooling the mouth rinses with cold water or also by applying ice to the ulcer.
You may also use cool chamomile tea. You may wish it in your mouth and then you may swallow it.

What we covered for you?

Tips for Prevention of mouth ulcers:

Maintain a good oral hygiene
Use a healthy diet
Do a gentle brushing
Good intake Vitamin B, C, and zinc may also help
Try to Avoid very hot drinks and food
You may reduce stress

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