How To Stop Growing Taller?




The growth rate is different for different individuals. Also, puberty begins and ends at different times for different individuals.

Usually, puberty lasts for 2 to 5 years, but these years are tough to predict in each.

It is a process involving all physical and hormonal changes where a child’s body matures into an adult body. All the hormonal changes occur in this period. In girls, puberty is between 8 to 13 years and in boys, it is between 9 to 15 years.

During this puberty, pituitary gland of your body works differently for girls and boys developing changes in physical appearances.

A burst of unnoticeable changes happens in no time. It is also called a growth spurt. You suddenly start realizing that your sleeves start going short. Pajamas are getting short. You don’t even realize how quickly you grow tall. It happens just like that. Your body grows real fast.

Some kids grow 4 to 6 inches (10 or more centimeters) or more when the growth spurt is at its peak. The growth in height which gained during puberty is your adult height.


Probably genes from parents can help you predict your height, but this is not the only factor that helps you know your height. Various other factors affect your height.

You can also check the approximate height to which you can grow by knowing your parents’ height by using a formula by Mitchell E Heffner, MD who is a pediatric professor at Keck school of medicine of University.

He formulated:
For girls, (height of father – 5 inches) + height of mother divided by two.
For boys, ( height of mother + 5 inches) + height of father divided by two.

The results obtained from this are approximate but not accurate. However, growth is affected by many factors like diet and environment. They have so much impact on one person’s growth.



-Exercise less or stop exercising: When you stop exercising you probably will stop stretching out which will affect the growth rate.

-You look short by maintaining poor postures: When you put stress on your back or when you slouch or wear disks on your back, this could stop your growth or shorten your height by two or three centimeters. It actually doesn’t make you short but makes you look short.

-Poor Diet: Depriving body of all essential nutrients during three years of puberty might help you in stopping you from growing tall, but this is a very risky process as it may lead to many disorders and diseases caused due to nutrient deficiencies. Depriving your body of essential nutrients may lead to slow brain and organ development which in turn results in stunt growth.

-Do not use any drugs or medicines or pills to stop your growth as being tall is not a disease. Some doctors also fuse growth cells to restrict growth. Every method has its own complications. Do not follow any of the methods from the internet before taking advice from an expert physician.




Malnutrition is the leading cause also, genetic factors, illnesses, usage of corticosteroids and using other medications may impair growth rate. These factors slow down or stop the growth rate. Hormonal imbalances may also either slow down or speed up growth.

In either of the cases, one must visit their doctor. But in some cases visiting the doctor is very important like:

*Growing tall or short is entirely dependent on one’s growth hormones and using any remedy to stop would not be recommended as it is very riskier and could lead to any complications and nutrient deficiencies in the body.
One should not be tensed about his / her tall height, but they should take care of their health.

*For all adults, it is necessary that they have nutritious food in their diet maintaining their diet as a healthy one. Having a good sound sleep is also very much essential. One can stay active by doing any physical exercise.

*The minimum sleep a teenager must have is at least 8 to 10 hours. Going to bed at the correct time without staying up too late may help them to be healthy.

*The two things that depend on each other during puberty for perfect growth is the nutritional status of a person and his physical activity. When these both physical activities and nutritional status complete this automatically gives you good growth potential.

To stop growth, you may cut down on certain nutrients which in turn lead to:

  • Your working ability and your learning capacity, you may not be able to work well
  • For teen mothers, obstetric risks increase.
  • It affects growth as well as your sexual maturity.
  • As diet lacks calcium development of teeth will also be a problem.
  • Bone strength decreases
  • It leads to malnutrition

Malnutrition usually affects a woman’s reproductive life. Iron, magnesium, calcium, protein are the main and must have nutrients for a person in their adolescent period or during their puberty.


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