How To Remove Scars On The Face?


How To Get Rid Of Scars On Your Face?

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Remove scars from face

While many people consider their scars to be the marks of pride, people mostly just want them to go away. As these scars can affect your appearance, and they can also make you feel self-conscious.
Firstly, if you want to get rid of all your old scars, you need to understand what a scar is and what is the type of scar you’re trying to get rid of.

A scar mainly forms as part of the natural healing process of the following an injury. When the dermis which is the second layer of skin is damaged, body forms collagen fibers which help to repair the damage, which results in a scar.
In some cases, the more faster a wound heals, the less collagen will be deposited and scar will be less noticeable.
The severity of the scar typically is based on the severity of the injury or the damage.
Scar forms differently on different parts of the body and also differently based on the age of the injured person.

There are many different types of scars.

Here are the top remedies for getting rid of scars:
There’s no way yet to make scars totally disappear, but many scars will become lighter over time on their own

Aloe vera

First, Remove the dark green “skin” from the flatter side of the aloe vera leaf. Then Scoop out the almost clear light green gel. Now Apply the gel directly on your scar using circular motions. After half an hour of application, wash the gel off with fresh, cool water. You may repeat this twice each day.

Vitamin E
When Cut open a vitamin E capsule over your scar and squeeze the oil onto the scar sometimes you might need more than just one capsule to get enough liquid for full coverage. For about 10 minutes, give it a massage with the oil on and around the scar and then after about 20 minutes wash off the oil with warm water. You may Repeat this process for a minimum of 3 times per day.

Everyday before going to bed, try to cover your scar with a layer of organic honey. By Wrap the honey-covered scar with a bandage then Leave it on for one full night and in the morning you may remove the bandage and then wash off the honey with luke warm water one can also Make this part of your routine every night before going to sleep.

Coconut oil
You may Heat a few tablespoons of coconut oil, ensure that you will just heat it enough to liquefy it and then Massage the oil into the scar for almost about 10 minutes and then Let your skin absorb the coconut oil for a minimum of one hour. You may repeat this procedure two to four times every day.

Apple cider vinegar
All you need is to Combine 4 tablespoons of distilled water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and then Dip a cotton ball into the water-cider mixture and now generously dab your scar wait to Let it dry You may do this every night before you go to bed, and then washing the area in the morning.

Lavender and olive oil
You have to mix three drops of lavender essential oil into three tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil and make a mixture of it then Massage the mixture into the area with scars for about 5 minutes then, Leave the oil in place for about 30 minutes after 30 minutes Rinse the area with luke warm water. You can Repeat this process a minimum of three times a day.

Cut a slice from a lemon and then rub the juicy side of the lemon on the scar while you squeeze the juice onto the scar properly after doing this you may relax for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing off the area with cool water. For better results Do this every day at approximately the same time.

Take a potato and Slice it into medium thick rounds. In circular motion, rub the potato slice on your scar. And Once the potato slice starts to dry out, discard it and continue rubbing with another fresh slice of potato. You may Continue rubbing and then replacing for about 20 minutes and let the scar air-dry for about 10 minutes. Now Rinse the area with cool water. You may Repeat this process at least one time each day

Rosehip and frankincense
For this mixture, you have to mix equal parts rosehip essential oil and frankincense essential oil. And then Massage the rosehip-frankincense mixture onto the scar after doing it Wait for 40 minutes before gently rinsing the scar area with warm water.
For best results follow this procedure three times a day.

Baking soda
Mix a little distilled water in two tablespoons of baking soda until it forms into a paste. First, let your scar with distilled water and apply the paste to the wet scar now, hold the paste in place using a warm compress for about 15 minutes then Rinse the area and repeat daily for good results.

Before trying any of the above given remedies, wash thoroughly and then dry the scar and also the area around it.

use these remedies only on scars but not on open wounds. In case any of these remedies cause any irritation, then stop using them immediately.

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