What is acne?
Acne is that condition of skin which is an inflammation that usually causes scars, spots, pimples on face, arms, shoulders, and upper arm. Acne involves whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, cysts also. Acne happens because of the oil glands present at the base of the skin. It usually occurs in teens, even at the onset of puberty and specific hormonal imbalances, poor diet. Blocking of skin follicles majorly leads to acne. The words acne and pimples are used interchangeably. But, acne is not a pimple. And A pimple is not acne.


Production of excess oil by the oil glands and dead cells breed out causing redness and bulging in the skin, which ultimately results out as a pimple. Pimple is a short term breakout but acne is a long term condition. Acne is genetic but not a pimple. Acne is of two types, One, which is caused at the beginning of puberty called Acne vulgaris and the one which is usually called the adult acne which is usually chronic called the Acne rosacea.


Applying any essential oil to pimple at the spot where pimple is caused is a quick remedy. But remember any essential oil should be mixed with water in 1:9 ratio. I.e. one part of essential oil with 9 parts of water.
Aloe vera gel is a very easiest and safer remedy to be applied on skin. Aloe vera gel has properties which can fight bacteria. It is also anti-inflammatory. The more quantity of aloe vera gel applied on surface, the quicker it is to reduce pimples.

Drinking lots of water. Water flushes out all the toxins and all the dead cells.
Wash your face at least thrice a day with any mild face wash.
Limitation in dairy intake in your everyday meal can also help you in reducing pimples.
Be relaxed, being stress relieved also plays a significant role in the reduction of pimples.
Enough amount of sleep can also help you get a glowing skin.
Do not use large quantities of makeup products on your skin.
Protect your skin from the sun.
Use a sunscreen while going out
Always buy cosmetics which are noncomedogenic or nonacademic.
Never squeeze, pinch or touch your pimple.
Wash your face immediately after exercises because sweat clogs pores in the skin.
Diet should be modified. It should be mostly included with more vitamins and minerals benefitting the skin.
Cut out all the fried foods and oily food items from the daily routine.
The inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet can help you to reduce your acne.
Mediation also is beneficial.


Using ingredients which have anti-inflammatory properties which can fight bacteria causing pimples can help.
Using a mask made of cinnamon powder and honey can also help you to reduce pimples.
Inflammation and bacteria are the two main causes for acne. They can be reduced by applying green tea on your face or you can also spray it on your face two to three times per day.

Aloe vera gel also has many inflammatory properties it also contains sulfur and salicylic acid which helps to reduce acne. Natural aloe vera gel is mostly preferred. It can also be bought from stores but make sure it is pure.
Removal of dead cells from the upper layer of skin is also essential. So, exfoliating skin is required. Scrubs can be used to exfoliate dead cells from skin. Exfoliating doesn’t work if there is extreme acne. Natural scrub made up of sugar and coconut oil is preferred.
Honey is also an excellent natural antibiotic which helps you to get rid of pimples. Honey with oatmeal is an excellent combination when applied on pimple prone skin.

Mint leaves chopped finely and mixed with yogurt can also reduce excess oil production on skin.
Intake of Citrus acid fruits can help your skin to glow.
Always keep your body hydrated.
Never be sleep deprived.
Always take a healthy diet which is low in glycaemic index.
Cut down on sweets
Completely cut down on chocolates which are high in compounds that trigger acne.
Change your pillow covers every week.
Do not include processed foods and refined foods in your diets.
Always use water-based products in your cosmetics.
Used mild cleansers to wash your face twice per day can protect your skin.
Do not wipe your skin so hard.


Balancing production of oil from the skin is however not controlled by us but we can wipe excess oil produced from glands by using mild toners. Antibacterial pads can also add benefits to wipe away oil. If we do not wipe away excess oil produces it clogs pores in the skin. Masks can also help you to control oil production. Some masks containing sulfur and other minerals.
When acne becomes chronic and cannot be reduced by natural remedies one must visit a dermatologist and use oral medications or supplements.

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