How to reduce Hairfall?


What causes Hair fall?

How to reduce hairfall, how to stop hairfall, hairfall causes

Hair fall is usually caused by many reasons like hormonal imbalance which may occur due to pregnancy, menopause and hormonal disturbances.
Hair fall is also caused by heredity. Some times it can also be due to medications, treatments or due to intake of any kind of medicine. It can also be caused due to emotional stress, disturbances in growth cycle. It can also be due to imbalanced diet which lacks protein, iron and other nutrients which cause hair thinning and hair loss.


Hair fall can be diagnosed if you are loosing hair regularly which is causing thinning of your hair and leading to bald patches. As hair growth is a complex process it will definitely take long time to diagnose the root cause of hair fall and give the right medication.


Using Hair Masks:


Curd / dahi is fermented with lactic acid bacteria where as yoghurt is fermented using yoghurt cultures. This is a super mask which is easily available and can be easily made at home too. Using natural remedies for hair is way better than using any chemical conditioners which weaken the hair follicles. Curd has vitamins like B5 and D.
Curd masks usually helps hair to strengthen and also prevents hair loss.
Curd can be used with many other ingredients available at home like..
Curd and Fenugreek seeds Hair mask.
Curd and Egg white Hair mask
Curd and Honey Hair mask
Curd with 2 table spoon olive oil also nourishes your hair
Curd and lemon juice helps you fight against dandruff.


Aloe vera is a very good natural conditioner for hair. It not only nourishes your hair but also makes it shiny, silky as well as thick and strong. Aloe Vera has Vitamin c, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. On the other hand it also has many proteolytic enzymes. It also has an enzyme called Acemannan which helps nutrients to reach the cells, helps to remove dead cells. Aloe vera gel also stimulates and rejuvenates your hair. It is an excellent idea to use aloe vera gel if hair loss is the problem you are suffering with. Aloe vera gel 75 properties that can benefit your hair in many ways. Aloe vera gel can also help you to reduce dandruff, it as anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties as well.

Onion juice and aloe vera gel when blended together in equal proportions make an excellent remedy for hair growth.

As aloe vera has properties similar to keratin, which is the major protein of the hair aloe vera can help hair growth in many ways.

A tiny amount of aloe vera gel when applied to wet hair and tangled up can give you natural looking curls.

Aloe vera gel combined with yoghurt and honey can also work as an excellent mask for hair fall as well as treating dandruff.


Major benefits can also be obtained using castor oil as a remedy to treat hair fall.
Castor oil on the other hand also has many anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. It has many vitamins like vitamin E omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids which are highly beneficial.
Castor oil is being used from ages traditionally to treat acne and hair fall as well.
Many antioxidant properties of castor oil support keratin, the major protein of hair. Castor oil makes hair thick, strong, shiny and less frizzy.


Vitamin E is found to have many antioxidant properties which are extremely beneficial for hair growth. There are many success stories of how Vitamin E helped people in hair growth. This Vitamin balances oil production, adds lustre to your hair. Vitamin E can also be included in your everyday diet. Consumption of foods which are rich in vitamin E like sunflower oil, peanuts, almonds, pistachios hazelnuts,fruits like kiwi, mango, olives, avocados, apricots, blackberries are richest sources of vitamin E.


Do not wash your hair very often. This causes weakening of hair and leads to hair fall

Excessive usage of hot irons for styling your hair can damage your hair and cause split ends

Combing and styling your hair when it is wet can cause breakage of hair which causes thinning of your hair.

Use shampoos which have very less chemical composition, use very mild shampoos

Washing hair with hot water can also cause damage to hair, it will reduce the lustre of your hair.

A good Oil massage thrice a week also can help in growth of your hair

Protect your hair from sun

Brushing / combing your hair helps in circulation of blood in your hair follicles as well as helps in removing dust

A healthy diet usually has as a good impact on skin and hair as well. Focus on your everyday diet

Do not frequently use blow dryers to dry your hair, let your hair dry naturally.

Using natural hair masks/ hair packs can help your hair grow well

Trimming your split ends once in every 6 weeks can also help you to grow hair.

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