How To Overcome Depression?


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What is Depression?

Depression is a disorder that is often evident by excessive sadness, or loss of interest in enjoyable things, and very low motivation.
Most cases include, the sad feelings resolve as you come to a few terms with changes in life. In a few situations such as bereavement, as these feelings may persist for months and also return at a few significant times, such as birthdays and anniversaries which are related to the lost loved one. You also have times when one can enjoy things, however, but this sadness is not a major sign of depression.
Depression is also very common. One in three people may experience a major depressive episode at some point in their lives. While many cases of depression are mild, one person in ten will have a moderate or a severe episode.
There are psychological as well as physical symptoms of depression:
Psychological Symptoms:
Miserable feeling: This misery is often present for much of the day but varies in its intensity. The problem may last for weeks.
Loss of interest or pleasure in activities.

Inefficient thinking with poor concentrations will lead to difficulties in sorting out problems or making plans or decisions by Recurring unpleasant thoughts, particularly about being guilty, being a bad and unworthy person.
Physical Symptoms include:
Loss of appetite which causes excessive weight loss.
Losing interest in sex.
Losing interest in energy, even when one is not physically active.
There is loss of sleep though there is feeling exhausted. Sleep is restless and also unsatisfying with awakening early morning (one to two hours earlier than usual). Some people may actually sleep a lot more than usual.
There is also slowed activity and speech.

What Causes Depression?
There is no exact reason for what causes depression. But It is also clear that genetic factors are also equally important in many cases of depression.

Few very Stressful life events also play a part in the onset or relapse of depression. There could also be depression by Conflicts which are ongoing with others. Other social and environmental stress factors such as financial difficulties, retirement, unemployment, childbirth, loneliness, or loss of someone. In some people, these unpleasant life events may also be enough to cause or worse any depressive illness.
How To Deal With Depression
There is a wide range of ways that deal with depression, and also are best when used in conjunction with each other. There are Few primary medical options which can cure depression. Some of them include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), antidepressant medication, in severe cases, Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
Education and coping strategies are equally important when one is learning to manage depression.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):
This is an excellent treatment for depression, when alone or in conjunction with medication. CBT involves learning of various things like:
Control any negative thoughts that may lead to loss of interest and also feelings of worthlessness

counteract the behaviors which are related to poor concentration and sometimes thoughts of death

Suffering from depression is more than just dealing with a bad day, week or bad month.
This is a weakening condition that makes it impossible for one to enjoy their daily existence. If people have feelings of overwhelming sadness, loneliness, worthlessness, and do not feel things may get any better, they may be suffering from depression.
Here is how to overcome your depression and also enjoy your life again like before, follow these steps.
Try Consulting a doctor: After a thorough evaluation with either a psychiatrist or psychologist who can diagnose you with depression. Many illnesses also have medications may contribute to depressive feelings. The doctor may administer a variety of tests, which conduct a physical examination, and even interview to get to the bottom of your symptoms.
You also need to Recognize that you might be suffering from depression. To overcome your depression, you will have first to determine if what you’re feeling are the symptoms of depression. You may think you have depression, if:
You may feel worthless, helpless, or guilty without even knowing why.
You feel hopeless about most aspects of your life and can’t imagine that anything will improve for you.
You’ll feel a decrease in your energy levels and are tired no matter what you do.
You’ll feel restless at night and have trouble sleeping and/or waking up in the morning.
If You’ve stopped feeling pleasure by doing the activities that previously made you happy.
If there is a dramatic change in your sleeping habits, like insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or excessive sleeping.
If You also have lost your appetite or are overeating, but cannot stop.
Maintain healthy relationships.
Though one may wish to be alone all the time and also away from others, it may be quite good for your mood to spend time with people. Try interacting with a network of friends and family members, as well. Try to Spend time with people who can make you feel positive about yourself and also the world

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