How To Lose Weight In Short Time?


How To Lose Weight?

How to lose weight, how to reduce weight


We start gaining weight when the number of calories consumed are more than the number of calories consumed or when we fail to burn the calories consumed each day. Burning calories can be done by any kind of physical activity, exercise or any kind of work.

One needs to control their diet and check on calories in order to lose weight. We need to eat less and get more active. Making changes in the diet and increasing the physical activity done in a diet can help you allot to lose weight easily.


Nibbling between meals is common and a potential cause for gaining weight.

Some may eat faster taking less time to chew, therefore tend to consume more food.

One need to stop responding to external cues rather than internal hunger signals. They eat when it is meal time or

when surrounded by tasty food rather when they are hungry.

Cooking variety of foods or getting attracted to foods in kitchens.

Not wanting to throw leftover foods and consuming more than required also is a common way to gain weight

People who are more habituated to eat junk or outside foods.

Consuming High fat, High carbohydrate, High salt foods.

Having fried food items as snacks.

Consumption of more sweet items can increase the calorie consumption.

Non inclusion of fruits and vegetables

Consumption of Processed, concentrated and high fat food

Eating food when bored, unhappy as a compensation.

Consumption of sugar added beverages.

There is a potential link between low water consumption and weight gain.

Physical activity plays a major role in loosing weight. If there is a decrease in physical activity without corresponding decreasing in food consumption there is a high chance of gaining weight.

Strategies For Weight Loss And Weight Maintenance:





Diet Theraphy:

A very low calorie diet i.e., <800 kcal diet usually helps us to loose weight. Low calorie diet usually have an increased risk for developing gallstones. Though calorie restriction for weight reduction is safest and most effective method, Low calorie diet should be used under the care of a physician and registered dietitian. Progress should be checked once a month.

Reducing excessive food sources of fat can sugar can dramatically reduce calories for many people. Regardless of the method chosen to produce weight loss, one must eventually learn to eat a healthy diet to maintain body weight.

High fibre and low calorie foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, vegetable salads, whole grain cereals and pulses can be included in the diet.

One must be convinced that there is no other way of reducing weight except by consuming less calories and spending more energy.

Maintaining weight is a life long process and a permanent change should be brought in dietary habits.
Modification of normal diet is the best way of planning good reducing diet.


The diet should consist of variety of whole grains.

White rice is to be replaced with brown rice.

Oats should be included in the diet.

Refined cereals such as polished rice and maida are to be avoided.

Diet should have more whole grams and other legumes

Low fat cheese or paneer can be used.

Red meat should be avoided.

Fish can be included in the diet.

Salads without oils should be part of the diet.

The diet should be rich in fibre

Diet should include whole grains, sprouted grams, unprocessed foods and natural foods in raw form.

Whole fruits are healthy snacks.

Diet should be low in sugar.

Concentrated foods should be strictly avoided.

Method of cooking should be modified. Cooking with no additional fat should be the method of cooking.

Unsweetened beverages and yoghurt in which fibre is added can potentiate the satiating property, suppress appetite and control food intake.

Even low calorie foods should not be in taken in unlimited quantities.

Small meals evenly spaced through out the day should be taken.


Change in eating behaviour

Increase in physical activity

Attitude and motivation

Monitoring food records

Weighing one self

Social support

Awareness of calorie content of food


No self control

Special occasions

Not exercising enough


Eating habits

Eat fast foods

Eating everything on plate

Having lot of food around

Eating quickly

Liking for fatty food

Liking for sweets


Maintaining an active lifestyle will help onset some of these metabolic changes.

A low calorie diet accompanied by moderate exercise will be effective in causing weight loss

Aerobic exercise directly increases the daily energy expenditure and is particularly useful for long term weight maintenance. Exercise is extremely useful in weight management because it helps to regulate appetite, increase basal metabolic rate.

Physical activity regulates appetite. People think that exercising will make them hungry but this is not entirely true. Active people have healthy appetite. Immediately after a good workout most people do not feel like eating. They want to shower and may be thirsty, but are not hungry. Best exercise for every group of people is walking.


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