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A Healthy Diet has been discussed right from the “Charaka Samhita.” A healthy diet is often called as the balanced Diet, which is a dietary regimen that ensures that the consumer takes all the required nutrient supplements and minerals that are required for a human body to function properly which in turn results in sound health.

To have a healthy diet and nutrients for the body, one must ensure that they consume the majority of the calories, but in the right way. In a nutshell, a healthy diet is a dietary plan in which you get to consume all the nutrients in the right quantities for the proper metabolism.


Robust Health:

Now, good health is like a cornerstone of a healthy diet and is one of the prime reasons why everyone should have a balanced and healthy diet. Each and every component of a healthy diet adds its own advantages to make the body function properly. For e.g.: Proteins helps to rebuild the damaged tissues and improves the overall immunity.

Carbohydrates and fats act as a fuel to the body, whereas vitamins and minerals act as antioxidants, heal wounds and converts food into energy and have over hundreds and hundreds of benefits depending upon the individual vitamin or minerals. On a larger scale, all these components share among themselves a common goal, and that’s the proper function of the human body.

Disease Prevention:

While a healthy diet provides with all the supplements needed for sound health, it inevitably helps in preventing a lot of diseases. There is One Law that applies to the human dietary regimen is that “ Either too much or too less ends you in troubles.” Too much of any component or nutrient or even too little of it could show you a pathway to hospital. For eg: Lack of Calcium might lead to Osteoporosis and an excess of it may cause hypercalcemia or even stones in the kidneys. So a healthy and a balanced diet always keeps you on the right way avoiding all(if not, most) of the diseases by improving immunity to its best. It does prevent us from a number of diseases like cancer, heart disorders, etc.

Weight Control:

Be it Weight Control or even Weight Loss, diet plays a crucial role. Whenever one decides to work on one’s weight, the whole scenario turns out to be a 50% effort on working out and a 50% efforts on the diet he eats to balance that workout. Every Gym-trainer, Physio, Dietician or even a Nutritionist recommends a healthy diet in order to have better control over one’s weight or even lose weight. Or else it’s a one-way path to several weight gain problems like obesity etc.



Water and for that matter, plenty of it could even escape you from hell. The very foundation of a healthy diet is water, no matter what kind of diet you follow you’re always advised to take in plenty of water and we’ve been hearing that from our childhood.

Fibers are basically indigestible parts of fruits and vegetables that helps in our digestion, bowel movement and if consumed regularly you’ll be amazed to know that they even control body cholesterol, blood sugar levels too and reduces the risk of getting diabetes and heart diseases, etc.

Vegetables, if possible most of it constituting with green leafy vegetables. Now people start yelling and misjudging it with vegetarianism but you might astonish on hearing about the medicinal uses of vegetables. There are lot of vegetables and most of them contain proteins, amino acids, dietary fibers, antioxidants, water content, minerals, vitamins, lycopene, beta carotene and many many more. They even help in preventing hypertension, stress, cancer, obesity and a ton more.



Processed foods have a hell lot of disadvantages and when foods get to a process, they tend to lose all their nutritional values and then what’s the whole matter of consuming foods that have already lost their nutrients. In addition to that, they might even lead to Diabetes, Heart diseases and several other cardiovascular diseases.
Saturated fats are those fats that are unhealthy and not preferable since they have a high proportion of fatty acids present in them. Foods like butter, cheese, coconut oil, red meat have saturated fats.

They might pump up your cholesterol and add pounds to your current weight and could also lead to an increased risk of heart diseases. On the contrary, unsaturated fats are considered to be healthy fats.

Artificial sweeteners are often marketed and brought into the light as healthy, but then that isn’t always true. It’s like eating the same thing but only with a healthy label on it. They along with processed juices must be excluded from the diet in order to stay healthy.

If you aren’t yet aware of a healthy diet or just been hearing about it, trust me it makes life much more comfortable. It’s not that hard to switch over than the words involved. Start simple by substituting water instead of high-calorie sugary drinks, using low-fat dairy products, cutting off processed and canned food that contains unnecessary fats and replacing them with fresh vegetables and fruits or even nuts and making them compulsory in a meal could definitely make a huge and profound impact in your lives.

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