Does Chemicals in Sunscreen Causes Cancer?

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Does Chemicals in Sunscreen causes Cancer – Yes, you need to think much about your health as you apply many lotions to your body whenever you go out. Many people apply sunscreen lotions to their body to protect from the Sun Rays and these lotions are made from different chemicals. Many users have …

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Does Sunscreen Prevent Tanning Faster?

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Does Sunscreen Prevent Tanning – Many of us do not like to have a tan skin on our body because it makes our body look different from others. So to protect from becoming tan skin many of us use lotions and creams on their body. But there are many types of lotions …

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How to prevent hair loss and promote thickening

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How to prevent Hair Loss: Due to the lifestyle changes these days the problem of hair loss has increased exponentially. Not just women but also men these days are facing this problem. Hair loss is not just the only component: balding or thinning hair is also a major issue. Some …

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