6 Tips on How to Keep Your Immune System Healthy


Your immune system fights with viruses and bacteria that can make you ill. Cold and flu illness is the most common virus that your immune systems suffer from. The immune system helps your body to defend itself from infections, that’s why it is vital to keep your immune system healthy and well, come rain or shine. A weaker immune system equals to a constant unwell body. 


Keep your immune system healthy
Keep your immune system healthy

Tips on How to Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Our immune system’s ability to fight can get diminished by our day to day lifestyle choices such as binge drinking or chain-smoking. These things can compromise the immune system. Have a look at a few tips to keep you and your immune system healthy and ailment free:

1. Drink More Water  

Water keeps your body healthy and hydrated, and a hydrated body works best to its ability. Medical practitioners recommend drinking at least 10 to 12 glasses of water on a daily basis. A well-hydrated body can flush all the toxins out your body as well as it oxygenates your blood cells. This maintains your health for a longer period.  

Stay hydrated
Stay hydrated


2. Exercise  

Visiting a gym is not the only way to do exercise daily and to stay in good shape. Regular exercising is our body’s best friend. It boosts your metabolism and releases endorphin hormone which makes us feel happy and it is a stress buster.     

Moderate regular exercise once a day is important for keeping our immune system healthy. You can go for a walk, jog, or run around the block, or just ride your bike. Your exercise routine does not have to be boring or rigorous and it should fit like an old jean around your schedule. Exercises like yoga and home workouts are popular daily exercise types.    




3. Vitamin D  

Vitamin D is the best source for boosting your immune system. A healthy immune system can fight off any bacteria or infection that can hurt your body. Sunlight is the natural and rich source of getting Vitamin D,. Our body produces this while we step outside in the Sun. Several studies have proved that not getting enough sunlight and Vitamin D causes severe diseases such as an increase in respiratory system infections.     



However, it is hard for the human body to get exposed to sunlight in winter or rainy season, depending upon the region you live in. When exposure to sufficient sunlight is difficult, you can rely on Vitamin D supplements as they can make up for the lack of sunlight exposure and give support to your immune system.     


Keep your immune system healthy



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4. Get Proper Sleep 

Not getting enough and proper sleep is not just harmful to your immune system but also your whole body. The body’s immune system needs uninterrupted, proper and regular sleep to work smoothly. Proper sleep helps the immune system to feel relaxed and rested in order to be able to fight with infections.    

Studies found that lack of sleep leads and an increase in hormones related to stress are interlinked. Stress is a prime factor in wreaking your immune system. Someone who feels exhausted and stressed a lot may get sick more often. 


Better Sleep, Better Mood
Better Sleep, Better Mood


5. Have a Good Diet 

Paying attention to a healthy diet and what you are eating is very important if you want to keep your immune system healthy. During a jam-packed day, picking processed food seems the most convenient option but it adversely affects your body. Processed foods are the worst type of foods you want to serve your body.   

Eat healthy diet with nutrient rich foods
Eat healthy diet with nutrient rich foods


Instead of processed food, try to pick food that contains natural antioxidants. You can have blueberries, as they immensely benefit your body and your immune system. Foods such as garlic, wholegrain bread and sweet potatoes also help in building up immunity.  

Try to avoid fatty foods as much as you can. Also, while having food, check for the sugar level of the food you are eating.   

Yes, I understand that it is not always possible to eat healthily, but try to introduce a healthy amount of fruits and green vegetables to you every meal. Aim to make your plate colorful whenever you are having a meal.  

6. Take Supplements 

Although there are several natural ways to boost your immunity and to keep your immune system healthy, you can try some additional supplements that will help you with the task. Studies have found that intaking additional nutritional supplements can play a major role in strengthening and maintaining your immune system healthy.  There are several brands available in the market that can offer extra support by boosting your immunity system hence, a healthy and happy body.




In order to keep your immune system healthy and your body fit, remember the points we discussed here. Small changes in your lifestyle and exposure of sunlight will keep your immune system healthy. 

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